STEER WING-Since 2017,The leading solution based organization, Steer wing is the manufacturer of environmental & reliability testing products. With more than 100+ satisfied customers, we are among the few manufacturers who provide a complete range of Environmental Test Systems as well as Mechanical Test Systems. Our support & service have earned the reputation offers solution in various Laboratory and environmental test products like climatic chamber, Humidity Chamber, cryogenic, Incubator, refrigeration, shaker, stirrer, mixer, etc., suitable for research, quality control and test labs, widely catering to the segments of hospitals, automobile, defense, institutes, colleges and industries.

Since our inception, we are at the forefront in adopting new testing technologies to simplify the reliability testing process and provide an unmatched testing experience to customers. It has resulted, our products and services being widely used by many including Fortune 100 companies in India such as Hyundai polytech india, shinsung petrochemical, Rane Group, Aachi masala ,ETDC,EIA -chennai,IITM,MADRAS UNIVERSITY,And many more.

Over the years we have acquired expertise by closely working with customers, thus we are able to support them with economical, precise and effective solutions, whether it may be supply or commission or repair or calibration or annual maintenance, either on our own range of products or on our partnered products.

‘Steer wing-we are also manufactures a complete line of Laboratory / Industrial Equipment’s Like Testing chambers, Industrial Oven , Vacuum Ovens & Chambers , Furnaces Up to 1500* C, , Vertical / Horizontal Tubular Furnaces , Humidity Chambers, Water Baths, Auto Claves, Hot Plates & ’Steerwing’ supports the requirements of various Technical Institutions / Industries with confidence.


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