Industrial Lyophilizer

Industrial Lyophilizer in chennai

Industrial Lyophilizer.-We are a Industrial Lyophilizer IN CHENNNAI. manufacturer, supplier and exporter ofIndustrial Lyophilizer. This drying chamber is on the left, connected to the separate cylindrical ice condenser via diameter isolation valve. On the extreme right is the refrigeration system, including water-cooled compressors, and a series of heat exchangers to cool or heat the circulating brine. The front of the drying chamber will be sealed into the wall of the clean area.

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Product Details:

Freeze Dry Area0.1 m2
Cold Trap Temperature-55 deg C / -80 deg C
Vacuum Degree10 Pa
Water Capture Capability3-4 Kg/24h
Material Capacity1.2 L
Dimensions565 x 420 x (360+430) mm

Industrial Lyophilizeris applicable for freeze-drying test of laboratory samples and suitable for small amount of production. SW-10-MR include the following types: Regular type, Top-press type, multi-manifold T type and multi-manifold Top-press type.

Major advantages:

  • Environment-friendly, conform to international standard
  • Liquid crystal display, with drying curve displayed
  • With the old trap widely open, no internal coil, having the function of pre-cooling the samples
  • Large refrigerating capacity and slight noise of imported compressor
  • The pre-cooling shelf can be used as draft tube to accelerate drying speed
  • Cold trap and the operation panel are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean
  • Transparent bell-cap drying kiln is safe and intuitive
  • Stainless steel sample shelf, the space among common sample tray can be adjusted
  • Novel design, small size and simple operation
  • Nitrogen-charging valve can be added
  • Lyophilizer In chennai

Other Details: Industrial Lyophilizer manufacturer In chennai

Freeze Dry Area0.1 M2
Cold Trap Temp.<-55°C / -80°C (optional)
Vacuum Degree<10 Pa
Water Capture Capability3-4 Kg/24h
Material Trayφ200*4mm
Material Capacity1.2L


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