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Manufacturing, Supplying, Maintenance For all kind of instruments Suitable to all type of laboratories and industries.


Maintaining Quality of Equipment’s. With Technical Persons from Instrumentation , Electrical Wiring, Equipment Design our Equipment’s are Tested well & No Faults Occurs After Sales.


1.Refurbishment& Retrofitting Services2.Installation& Maintenance3.MultiBrand Support for service and much more


All kind of lab ,Heating and cooling Equipment's, Manufacturing.

We work in partnership with all the Major Brands Chat us in whatsapp for more details

STEER WING-INDIA,Manufactures a complete line of Scientific, Laboratory , Research , Industrial Equipment’s Like Tsting Chambers,Incubator, Muffle Furnaces up to 1500 * C, Tubular Furnaces, Laboratory Hot Air Oven,Re-Circulating Chillers, Vacuum Oven, Humidity Chambers , Melting Furnaces, Vertical Tubular Furnace, Horizontal Tubular Furnaces , High Vacuum Tubular Furnace, Split Furnace , Vacuum Furnace, Laboratory Water Baths, Auto Claves, Hot Plates,Soldering Pot,Tinning Pot,Welding Rod Ovens & In Process Control Instruments – Digital Temperature Controller ,TAIE PID Tempeature Controller, Humidity Controller, Data Logger , Touch Screen Paperless Recorder, Pressure Indicator, Pressure Sensor , Jumbo Display Temperature Indicator , Process Indicator ,Digital Thumb Wheel Timer, Control Panels ,e.t.c. .We supports the requirements of various Technical Institutions / Industries with confidence.