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Capability of doing & Modification of any kind of equipment with any brand of heating and cooling machineries Including testing Chambers whether LOCAL / IMPORTED OEM'S


STEER WING -Manufactures the instruments/Machinary that suitable for research, quality control and test labs, widely catering to the segments of hospitals, automobile,Electronics, defense, institutes, colleges and industries.


We manufacture & undertakes Annual Maintenance Service Contracts (AMC)/ Upgradation work of old chambers (equipment’s) / Repair & service work for any make ( Indian/ Imported ) equipment’s of listed product range In our product list


Manufacturing the Testing chambers &Repairing Services for Any Branded Test chambers

Altitude Test Chamber,Climatic Test Chamber,ESS Thermal Cyclic Test Chamber,Hot and Cold test Chamber,Rain test Chamber,Salt Spray Test Chamber ,Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Walk in chamber,


STEERWING- aspires to become the pioneer of the market and innovate the technology to next level coexisting with the family bond of customers. To achieve steep progress, adopt discreet innovation to serve customers using the latest manufacturing trends.We strive to continuously advance ourselves to serve our customers, employees, suppliers and general population. We do so by following: Do what’s right, do it with excellence and do it with respect for others.

About us!

As we planned to found the company over the Five years of experience as we planned with our team incorporated since 2017, formerly Steer wing. The company completely focused in repairing services and maintenance when beginning, And now stepped into focused manufacturing on laboratory, blood bank, research institutes, quality control and Research lab,Hospitals, automobile, defense, institutes, colleges and industries.

Our strengths are:

Customer Centric Design,Manufacturing,Quality,Service,Global Logistics,Cost and Leadership

Refurbishment & Retrofitting Services We refurbish & retrofit internal systems such as Panels, refrigeration, Modifications and other OEM upgrades

Range of Products: Climatic Chambers, Hot and Cold Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Salt Spray Chamber, Dust Chamber, Cold Room, Panel/Water/Oil Coolers. Deep freezers (-20°C, -40°C & -80°C), Ice Maker, Lyophilizer (Freeze dryer), CO2 Incubators and Furnaces.

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