STEER WING – Curing tank in chennai Offering Accelerated Curing Tank, एक्सेलरेटेड क्यूरिंग… Laboratory Water Baths in SITHALAPPAKKAM, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Product Specification

Temperature35 Deg C or 100 Deg C
Size150 mm / 70.6 mm
Material for ConstructionStainless steel
Accuracy+/- 1%
Cycle24 Hour cycle
Minimum Order Quantity1

Product Description

CURING TANK IN CHENNAI Plastic Curing Tanks Accelerated Concrete Curing Tank Accelerated Curing Tank Water Curing Tank Xlpe Cable Curing Tank


The tank has been designed to accommodate 150mm / 70.6mm cube moulds upto 36/72 cube mould and fully insulated, complete with a hinged lid, heater, thermostat and re-circulated pump. Provision of two removable racks allowing free circulation of water around each mould. The pump, drain valves and electrical equipment are housed in a compartment located at one end of the tank. The Tank is heated by an immersion heater under normal conditions and refrigeration system for grey cement the temperature is controlled at 35° C or 100° C ± 2° C / 27° C +2° C,expect for the 15 minutes after immersion of the freshly made specimens.

– curing tank in chennai

  • 24 Hour cycle from time of mixing.
  • Controlled 35° C or 100° C ± 2° C Curing Temperature for concrete.
  • Controlled 27° C ± 2° C Curing Temperature for grey cement.
  • ZI 2045A Curing Tank for 6/12 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
  • ZI 2045B Curing Tank for 12/24 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
  • ZI 2045C Curing Tank for 24/48 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
  • ZI 2045D Curing Tank for 36/72 moulds of 150 mm / 70.6 mm size
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  • Accelerated curing tank with cooling arrangement is also available of request.

Below kind of curing tank we offering

Plastic Curing Tanks

Accelerated Concrete Curing Tank

Accelerated Curing Tank

Water Curing Tank

Xlpe Cable Curing Tank


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***We Are Under Taking Manufacturing/Repair Service/Modification/AMC/CAMC For Above Instruments &Chamber Service In Chennai And Bangalore***

Our Services-Environmental Chamber Manufacturer In Chennai

Steer Wing Network Also Offers A Variety Of Preventive Maintenance, Repair And Upgrade Plans Through Our Dedicated Service Group. Consisting Of Experienced Technical Service And Engineering Personnel, Our Service Team Is On Call For Domestic Clients For Any Requirement. Some Of The Services Provided Include

  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Contract Program
  • Repairing Services
  • Manufacturing Support
  • After Sales Support
  • Calibration Service
  • Refrigeration Retrofits
  • Refurbishing Of Any Manufacturer’s Unit And/Or Model
  • Control System Upgrades For Any Manufacturer’s
  • Spare Parts Orders
  • Installation Services Or Installation Supervision
  • Equipment/Facility Start-Up
  • Equipment Operator Training
  • On Call Service Support 24*7-Environmental Chamber Manufacturer In Chennai
  • So You Can Question Us, Trust Us, Judge Us And Even Partner Us In Building A Truly Great Support. A Journey That

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS-Environmental Chamber Manufacturer In Chennai

  • The Nature Of Service That Will Be Provided In A Routine Maintenance Call Is Cleaning, General Check-Up, Fine-Tuning And Minor Adjustments Required.
  • During The AMC Period, The Below Steps Will Be Carried Out Based On The Equipment


  • Checking The Standing Pressure
  • Checking Of The Oil Level In Compressor.
  • Cleaning Of Condenser Coil & Condenser Cooling Fans Operation.
  • Rectification For Any Damaged Insulation.
  • Checking The Fitment Of All Solenoid Valves, Hand Shutoff Valves Etc.
  • Checking Of The Oil Return To The Compressor.
  • Checking Of Electrical Wiring, Timer Setting, Over Load Setting.
  • Checking Of The Refrigeration Compressor.
  • Monitoring Of Suction & Discharge Pressure Of Refrigeration System.-Environmental Chamber Manufacturer In Chennai
  • Checking Of Operation & Setting For All Safeties Such As HP/LP, Oil Pressure, Flow Switch Etc.


  • Checking The Proper Functioning Of The Relays
  • Checking The Over Temperature Safety And Alarm
  • Monitoring The Flowing Current Of The Heaters.
  • Functional Checking Of The Entire System


  • Overall Cleaning Of The Equipment
  • Checking Of Condenser, Fan Blades, Chamber Air Circulation Fan Blade/ Impeller Compressor Cooling Blower, Compressor Cooling Fan Blade, Tighten The Bolts And Nuts.
  • Checking Of Door Gasket And Door Seals.
  • Checking And Adjusting Of Door Hinges And Latches, If Required.
  • Checking Of Refrigeration Compressor.
  • Checking Of Pressure And Oil Switches And Their Settings.
  • Checking Of Electrical Wiring, Timer Setting, Contactors Etc.
  • Checking Oil Level For The Compressor.
  • Checking The Standing Pressure, Suction &Discharges Pressure Of Refrigeration System Sand Cross Checking Of The Proper Functioning Of Refrigeration System.
  • Checking Of Complete Electrical Wiring If Any Wire Found Damaged Corrections For The Same.
  • Functional Checking Of Individual System For Proper Control, Safety Operation Etc.
  • Cleaning Of All Level Tanks Filters Etc., For Humidity System If Applicable.
  • Checking Of Water Level Controller Operation, Cleaning Of Level Sensor, Cleaning Of Scaling On The Heater Tube For Humidity If Applicable.
  • Filling Log Sheet And Submitting The Report Of Any Abnormalities, Failures Observed And Corrected Repairs Carried Out.
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